Failgotten Realms

Oghma Gawd!

How Shit Got Started

The night seemed peaceful enough, quiet, clear, and cold. Not exactly the sort of night you expect a campaign to begin.

Usually it’s raining or something.


A caravan of goods shows up outside the front of the temple, the noise of which draws our intrepid non-heroes out in front, at the behest of their intrepid GM, who refuses to operate a split party at this point in the game.

A few porters start unloading boxes out front, and a cloaked man sits at the head of the cart, his face hidden in shadows for maximum dramatic effect. There are neither guards nor bystanders anywhere to be found.

Without warning, fire beetles explode from the boxes and make straight for the temple door, unleashing gouts of flame to burn the door to a crisp. Overhead, the sounds of goblin chittering can be heard, and there is a heavy thud and the crash of stone from inside the temple.

As our non-heroes dispatch the fire beetles, the cloaked man stands to face them. The shine of the full moonlight reveals a waxen, expressionless face. From behind the wax face, he issues a sinister laugh and disappears in a flash of light and a puff of smoke.

Rushing inside, the non-heroes are ambushed by goblins! Arrows fly, blades flash, magic explodes! The sounds of battle echo throughout the temple, and our non-heroes are certain this attack could be targeting only one thing: the artifact from the Elemental Chaos!

Once they’ve fought their way down into the basement of the temple, their suspicions are confirmed. The wax-faced man stands at the back of the basement, cradling the strange object in his arms. It’s wrapped in some kind of magical vestment. Between him and the non-heroes is a band of goblins and hobgoblins.

“Kill them all,” the wax-faced man orders them. He then opens a portal and disappears.

In the battle that follows, the non-heroes are soundly beaten, knocked unconscious and Left 4 Dead™. Their foe has eluded them.



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