Failgotten Realms


Why Are We Doing This, Anyway?

Oghma, being a deity devoted to knowledge and the collection thereof, encourages his followers to go on adventures of discovery.

During one such adventure, a well-funded foray into the Elemental Chaos, the Oghman priests and explorers returned with an item they assured their sponsors was one of great mystery, power, and potential. Thus began their research.

With the item cloistered away deep inside the main Oghman temple in Waterdeep, priests, wizards, and all manner of scholars began studying the properties of the mysterious item in total seclusion, their findings all kept under strict secrecy by order of the high clergy of the church.

Meanwhile, several people of note (only because they’re PCs) linger at the temple.

Johnny Pure, masquerading under the pseudonym Ron Mexico, is a guest at the temple, claiming to be visiting from Spirit Soaring, a monastery to Oghma and the dead deity Deneir located in the northern mountains. The dwarf is actually a servant of Cyric, here investigating a lead given to him by someone… secret.

Rawq-Ock is a fire genasi and Swordmage in service to Netheril. Although the Oghmanytes don’t realize it, Netheril (using a front organization) was one of their most generous sponsors for the adventure that turned up the artifact. He is at the temple representing this front organization and attempting to glean some information about the item the clerics brought back.

Byznatch Supertwat, a tiny tiefling (one might call her a halftief) who claims to be only 1 year old accompanies Rawq-Ock. Her likes include stabbing, burning, and killing. Her dislikes include not stabbing, not burning, and not killing.



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